Courtney Waldon for People Magazine

Last month, I spent the day with burn survivor Courtney Waldon on assignment for People Magazine.  It has been almost a year since a backyard fire pit accident nearly took her life and led to the end of her marriage.  After 10 surgeries and a rigorous rehab program to relearn how to walk and eat, she returned home to her parent’s property in Waco, Georgia where she and her 5 year old daughter Caroline are rebuilding their lives with the love and support of her family and church community.  Beautiful story by Caitlin Keating.  Published in the September 11 issue.  Online version here.

“Caroline is the reason I wake up every single day.  She was my reason to learn how to do stuff, to eat in the hospital, to come home, because I missed her so much.  I didn’t ever want her to think that I would just up and leave her by choice…I am finally able to feel like a mom again.  That’s been the biggest milestone for me.” – Courtney Waldon

All photographs ©Annabel Clark 2017