Homeless couples tell their love stories in the Guardian

My project with Candice Pires about love on the streets was published by the Guardian US as part of their one of a kind series on the homeless crisis here on the West Coast called “Outside in America”. Proud to be involved and grateful to the couples who shared their love stories with us.

“Being homeless has taught us how to be a lot more vulnerable with each other, and that’s allowed us to work through some of our communication problems. We’ve gone through so much together now that we know we’ll always be there for each other in the future. One of the most difficult things about being homeless and in a relationship is not having privacy. Our tent is next to other people’s and we don’t want them to hear us so we’ve sometimes avoided issues until they explode.” -Aleesa Christopher, Camp Second Chance, Seattle

Read their stories here.

Christopher and Jackie, Camp Second Chance, Seattle, Washington
Brian and Melissa, Hazelnut Grove, Portland, Oregon
Aleesa and Hunnie, Camp Second Chance, Seattle, Washington
Lakenya and William, Camp Second Chance, Seattle, Washington